Popcorn Central

This page contains all the information you need regarding the popcorn fundraiser.

Popcorn Orientation Video

This video provides an orientation of the annual popcorn fundraiser to members of Cub Scout Pack 374. The content of this video was taken from our 2015 popcorn kick-off (30 minutes). Watch the video to get up to speed on selling popcorn and all the great prizes that can be earned.

Important Dates

  • September 9th – Start Selling!
  • September 27th – Pack Meeting, turn in copies of filled up order sheets for Skyzone bonus
  • October 22nd – Turn in order sheets and funds (or turn in before this date)
  • November 5th – Popcorn arrives; start delivering!

Sell Online

You can sell popcorn to friends and relatives that are not in the local area. Just go to the Trails End website using the link below and sign up for a free account. Then you’re all set to send personalized emails out and invite your friends and relatives to buy popcorn from you online. The prices are higher than on your order sheet but that’s because they include the cost of shipping; and the popcorn is shipped directly to your customer (no delivery on your part)!

Click here to go to the Trails End website now and get started.


We’ve partnered with several local businesses that are willing for us to have a sales table setup outside of their place of business. This is a great way to earn some popcorn sales that count toward your prize levels and also your Fill-It-Up bonuses.

This year we have some great partners: Sam’s Club, Lowes, and Sutherlands!

Click here to familiarize yourself with our rules of conduct before participating. If you are leading an event, please read the following documentation –


Take-Order Sales

Click here to read the “12 Tips for Successful Door-to-Door Popcorn Sales“.

If you don’t have a sales guide and order sheet yet, make sure to contact a leader to obtain one. The PDF version may also be downloaded and printed.

Sales Sheet (PDF)

Order Sheet (PDF)

Prizes & Incentives

Prize Brochure (PDF)

“Fill-It-Up” Incentives (PDF)

Fill up an order sheet (30 lines) and win big…

  • Two tickets to a Royals game
  • Fill it up before October 3rd: Two passes to Skyzone

College Scholarships
Scouts who sell at least $2,500 (online, face-to-face or combination) qualify for the Trails End College Scholarship Program. Click here for the entry form.

Top Seller Rewards
The top seller in each district will receive a $200 Gift Card of their choice.

Training Videos

View these videos from Trails End to learn more about selling popcorn.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should donations be tracked? Do I enter them on the order sheet?
    Donations are not officially part of the popcorn fundraiser and so they should be tracked on a separate sheet. If a donation was accidentally recorded on your order form, just cross it out (or use white-out).
  • How much of the donations are credited to my scout account?
    75% of donations that you receive in conjunction with the popcorn fundraiser will be credited to your scout account.
  • Do the boys get to pick a prize at each level they reach or only on the highest level reached?
    Prizes may only be selected from the highest level attained. If desired though, prize levels can be combined. For example, if a boy sells $700 in popcorn, he can select any prize in in the $650 category, or he may select two prizes from the $350 category ($350 x 2 = $700), or one from the $250 category and one from the $450 category, etc. So long as the sum of the category levels don’t exceed the sales level reached.
  • How will Show-N-Sell events contribute toward the Fill-It-Up Incentives?
    The number of items sold during the event will be multiplied by the percentage of the total hours worked by a given scout. When recording this on your take-order sheet, you will be instructed to enter one line indicating “Show-N-Sell, Location, Date” with the total amount of sales credited. Then draw an arrow from that line through the number of lines credited for the event. As an example, if nine scouts worked an equal number of hours on a given event, and 90 items were sold, each scout would block off 10 rows on his order sheet; with the first row reflecting the event and the total dollar amount. Do not record this on your order sheet until you receive this information from the popcorn chairman.