Annual Recharter

Each year, Boy Scouts of America requires each scouting unit to renew their charter. As part of this process, we must submit a current roster to the Heart of America Council along with payment of the annual registration fee for each member. This process must be completed by the end of the year.

What You Need To Do

For Youth Members
In order to retain a youth member on the current roster going into the next calendar year, we must collect the BSA annual registration fee of $24 per scout. When paying this fee, you can make your check payable to “Pack 374” and provide your payment to either the pack registrar or the pack treasurer. In addition, if you intend for your son to continue receiving Boys Life magazine, include an additional $12 for the annual subscription fee.

For Adult Members
Adults are not required to be registered members of BSA except when holding a leadership or committee role, or attending Webelos summer camp.

In order to retain an adult member on the current roster, we must also collect the same $24 annual registration fee for each adult. In addition, adults must maintain Youth Protection training which must be renewed every two years.

Youth Protection Training

This training must be completed in order for any adult member to renew their BSA membership. Click here to learn more about Youth Protection training or to complete this training online.


Payment for renewing youth and adults may be made anytime during the months of September and October (including Boys Life), but must be received no later than the October pack meeting. This includes current Youth Protection training (if renewal is needed) for adult members.

Failure to renew on time means that you are at risk of being dropped from the roster for the next calendar year. In the event that occurs, you would need to complete a new registration form and submit payment in order to re-instate your BSA membership.