Program Costs

Our goal is for every boy to have the opportunity to participate in scouting. Like many programs, scouting also carries with it various costs. With that said, our goal is for every boy to have the opportunity to pay his way through scouting through fundraisers that have a proven track record. Participation in the fundraisers is not a requirement, but lack of participation would simply result in higher cost out of pocket.

Click here to learn about fundraising opportunities that can help your son pay his way through scouting.

Uniform & Book

Your son’s uniform (including rank-specific neckerchief & slide) and book can be purchased at Brandt’s Clothing (on the square in Liberty), at the scout office, or at Estimated cost is $25 for a shirt, $9 for a neckerchief, $6 for a slide, and $11 for handbook ($51 total). These are not provided by the pack however we sometimes have donated items available. Each year, when advancing in rank (in the month of May), the pack provides a new neckerchief, slide, and book for the rank your son would be moving into.

B.S.A. Annual Registration & Boys Life

This is a $24 annual fee paid to the Boy Scouts of America (Heart of America Council) that is required in order to be officially registered for a given calendar year. The pack collects this fee in the fall and submits a combined payment to Heart of America Council. Optionally, you may purchase a Boys Life magazine subscription (the official scouting magazine) for an additional $12 per year. Registration and Boys Life fees may be prorated based on the month you join.

Pack Dues

The pack collects annual dues for each scout that covers our program year (September through August). These funds are used to purchase awards, materials, food & refreshments (for pack meetings & outings), and other expenses incurred by the operation of the pack. The dues are $75 per year for Tiger cubs (first grade) and $100 per year for all other ranks. Dues are assessed after the popcorn fund raiser is complete and paid by the end of December. Pack dues may be prorated based on the month you join.

Summer Camp*

The specific summer camp your son would attend depends on the grade level he will be the in the coming school year.

  • Day Camp (1st & 2nd Grade) – $60 per scout (no charge for parent/guardian)
  • Bear Camp (3rd Grade) – $65 per camper (parent/guardian is required to attend with scout)
  • Webelos Camp (4th & 5th Grade) – $140 per camper (parent/guardian attendance is optional)

*Based on 2014 camp session fees

Special Outings

Some scout ranks engage in specific annual outings that are conducted by the Heart of America Council or a nearby Boy Scout troop. These events may carry their own additional fees that are not covered by your Pack Dues. Examples would be Webelos Woods ($8) and Webelos Pin College ($30).