Committee Members

Position Contact Information Responsibilities
Committee Chairman John Rosenbaum
Organizes and leads the activities and meetings of the committee and serves as the liaison between the pack and the Northstar District and Heart of America Council.
Cub-Master Chris Tuso
Organizes and leads the activities of the den leaders and program.
Assistant Cub-Master Matt Cole
Provides assistance to the Cub-Master.
Registration Ashley Sandidge
Administers the registration process, maintains the current pack roster of youth and adults, and conducts annual recharter process with the council.
Treasurer Luke McNabney
Handles pack finances including receipt of funds, disbursements, and tracking of scout fundraising ledgers.
Advancements Tammy Hoefer
Receives advancement notifications from den leaders, records advancements, and acquires applicable badges, belt loops, or other awards to be awarded to scouts.
Webmaster Chris Tuso
Administers content on the pack website.