6 – Getting Started

When is a good time to get started?

Like most Cub Scout Packs, we go year-round. You can become a scout at anytime. Just contact our Cubmaster or the Den Leader in your age group – or, just show up at one of our meetings….

When do we meet?

Pack Meetings (when all of our scouts, 1st-5th grade, get together in the same place – with the Cubmaster) are normally held on the last Tuesday of each month. Den Meetings (when just one age group meets – with the Den Leader) are held twice a month and when there are specific outings. To verify meeting times, you can check the calendar here.

What is the Cost of Joining?

The BSA registration fee is $24 per year (i.e., $2.00 per month) but the amount to register initially will be based on the month you join. For example, if you register in August, your initial fee for the year would be $10.00 (5 months x $2.00). Like many programs, scouting also carries with it various other costs, including pack dues. With that said, our goal is for every boy to have the opportunity to pay his way through scouting through fund raisers that have a proven track record. Participation in the fund raisers is not a requirement, but lack of participation would simply result in higher cost out of pocket.

If costs will be a problem, our Pack may be able to provide assistance. The person to see about assistance is the Committee Chairman. Your information will be kept between you and the Committee Chairman. The important thing to know is that we can work with you on the costs.

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What Supplies and Equipment are Needed?

At minimum, each boy in Cub Scouting will need a uniform and a handbook. Each year, the handbook changes, as does the cap and neckerchief, but other uniform parts remain the same for at least the first three years. When a boy enters a Webelos den, he may need to obtain a new uniform if the parents in the den opt for the khaki-and-olive uniform.