Frequently Asked Questions

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The Den is a small group of boys of the same age and who are working on the same rank. Parent volunteers serve as Den leaders and assistant Den leaders. We sometimes have more than one Den per rank, depending on how many boys are working on that rank. At the Den level we try to keep the groups small so that the boys can achieve more. All of the Dens together make up the Pack. Boy Scouts of America believe it’s important for you to combine all ages together so the younger boys can learn from the older boys and all the boys can learn to be leaders in their community. When boys cross over from cub scouts into boy scouts, they become part of a boy scout troop.

Individual Dens meet separately usually two or more times per month. The entire Pack meets on a monthly basis, usually the last Tuesday of each month.

Parents are expected to participate in the Cub Scouting program by working with their sons on achievements, helping with Den and Pack activities, and planning. We need each parent to contribute so that the work of running the Pack does not fall on only a few people. For Tiger Cubs, because they are so young, one parent must attend all den meetings, activities, and Pack meetings with them. For other ranks, we ask that parents help the den leaders by volunteering to do an activity in the book and participate at the Pack level. It is a great parent/child opportunity!

We also have great opportunities to be involved at the Pack level. All adults are invited to attend the monthly committee meetings where upcoming Pack meetings and events are planned. There are also specific committee positions such as Committee Chair, Pack Trainer, Advancements Chair, Fundraising Chair, Registrar, Treasurer, and Secretary. These positions are all filled by parents like you who volunteer their time.

We do lot of different things at both the Den and Pack level. At the Den level, you work with your son on different achievements on various subjects and activities. Pack meetings often involve awards, fun activities, songs and skits. Our other activities include campouts, the Fall Festival, Pinewood Derby, Blue & Gold Banquet, and summer camps. We’ve also camped out at the Kansas City Zoo and taken a trip to an air force museum.

There are costs involved in your son’s participation in scouts (just like many other activities like sports and music programs). Many scout families never have to pay these costs out of pocket though because of the effective fund-raising opportunities that are provided. Click here for information about the costs associated with participation in cub scouts.

Yes, our fund-raising opportunities can help your son pay his way through scouting. Click here for information about our fund-raising opportunities.

Your son can join Cub Scouts if he is in the 1st through 5th grade of age 7 to 10. If you have a Kindergartner, they can join the day they complete their Kindergarten year. Your son will work on earning the badge for his rank which is based on his age group:

  • All Scouts = Bobcat – This is the first badge your son will earn regardless of what age he starts
  • First Grade = Tiger Cub
  • Second Grade = Wolf
  • Third Grade = Bear
  • Fourth Grade = Webelos I
  • Fifth Grade = Webelos II – Crosses over to Boy Scouts in February